Jerusalem Artichokes Are Back In Fashion!

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:05 pm

Les topinambours sont de retour au potager

Forgotten and little used vegetables, Jerusalem artichokes are root vegetables with many properties. They are increasingly finding their place in the vegetable garden. From the Heliantus Tuberosus family, Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial plant with tubers, whose yellow flowers, similar to those of the sunflower, are very decorative and measure up to 2.50 m high.

Plant Jerusalem artichokes in the vegetable garden Draw your rows (about 60 cm apart) if it is a vegetable crop, prepare your bed as if it were an ornamental crop. Plant the tubers at a depth of 10 cm, placing them sprouting upwards and spacing them at 30 cm. Hoe regularly. Then, remove the weeds. Finish by mulching if necessary.

Jerusalem Artichokes Are Back In Fashion!

The flowering will arrive in July, a first harvest in October and until winter. Harvest as needed. Jerusalem artichokes do not keep as well as potatoes. However, it can be frozen perfectly.

Benefits of Jerusalem artichokes

The taste of Jerusalem artichokes is between that of turnips and artichokes. First of all, they are slimming allies. They are very low in calories and have a high satiety power. Jerusalem artichokes also contain a lot of inulin, fiber that facilitates intestinal transit. They are rich in potassium, which helps digestion, and phosphorus, which strengthens bones and teeth. They are also rich in iron. Finally, they preserve the nervous and cardiovascular systems thanks to the vitamin B1 they contain.


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