How Long Does Parsley To Germinate?

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Parsley is a slow germinator. It may take a few weeks before the first green tips appear. In poor site conditions, sometimes it does not germinate at all. Then only a second attempt to sow parsley helps.

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Create good conditions for germination

  • Prepare soil well
  • Remove weeds carefully
  • Use marker seed
  • Tips for sowing parsley

Normally, the germination time in the open ground is between four and six weeks. However, it may take longer for parsley to get going.

How Long Does Parsley To Germinate?

Always sow parsley in the garden with a marker seed like radishes. Then you can better identify the rows and remove the weeds before they overgrow the parsley seedlings.

Sowing in a pot is usually a little faster because you can put the parsley seed in a warmer place.

Tips & Tricks
To make parsley germinate a little faster, allow the seed to swell before sowing. To do this, sprinkle the seeds in lukewarm water and let soak for a few hours.


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