Sowing Parsley: How To Sow Successfully

Sow parsley is not difficult. Much more difficult for impatient gardeners to have enough patience until the seed germinates. This can sometimes take several weeks. It is somewhat faster if you water the seeds beforehand.

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Interesting facts about sowing parsley

  • Dark germinator
  • Germinates slowly
  • Soak seeds before sowing
  • Sow pot parsley in February
  • It is better to sow parsley outdoors only in August

The best time for sowing parsley

In a pot, you can sow parsley from February to August.

In the open ground parsley is sown from March. The soil temperature for this purpose must be at least eight degrees.

It is more favorable to put the parsley seed in the ground only from August. Then pests no longer play such a major role, and the dreaded parsley disease can be largely avoided.

Parsley germinates very slowly

Since the seasoning herb takes quite a long time before the first leaflets appear, soak the seed before sowing.

To do this, place it in lukewarm water for several hours. To make the wet seed easier to sow, mix it with some fine sand.

Mixing in radish seed has also proven successful. Since radishes germinate much faster, you can take better care of the growing rows. The radishes have long been harvested when the parsley needs the space.

Sow parsley in the open ground
Choose a semi-shaded location with soil that is not too dry and has not grown umbellifers three years earlier.

Prepare a bed for the seasoning herb by thoroughly loosening the soil, remove weeds and refine with mature compost, horn meal or horn shavings (26,00€ at Amazon*).

Pull rows at a distance of 15 to 20 centimeters. The sowing depth should be about 1.5 centimeters, because unlike other aromatic herbs, parsley is not a light germinator, but a dark germinator.

Sow parsley in rows
Sow the seed in the prepared grooves and cover it with at least one centimeter of soil.

Keep the surface well moist. It may take up to four weeks for the parsley to germinate.

Once the plants reach a height of five centimeters, you need to prick them. The ideal planting distance is ten centimeters.

Sow parsley in a pot
Fill small pots with growing soil. Sow up to ten seeds per pot and cover them with soil. Moisten the surface and place the pots in a warm place.

Tips & Tricks
Once the plants have sprouted, separate them to one parsley plant per pot. From a size of seven centimeters, you can also plant in the open ground without any problems.

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