Propagate Cilantro – This Is How It Works

As uncomplicated as its care, the propagation of cilantro is easy from the hand. Amateur gardeners have a choice of two approaches. Which they are and how they succeed without problems, you can learn here.

Koriander vermehren

How to succeed in propagation by sowing.
Seeds for sowing coriander can be found in any well-stocked spice shelf. If you attach importance to a premium quality, the purchase in the specialized trade comes into consideration. Depending on the weather conditions, you can sow the seeds directly in the bed from April. Choose a sunny to semi-shady location with loose, nutrient-rich soil. This is how you proceed step by step:

  • Optimize the thoroughly weeded and raked soil with compost or leaf soil.
  • plant the seeds one by one at a distance of 15-20 cm or spread them out in large cubes.
  • cover with a very thin layer of substrate or sand, as the seeds are light germinators
  • water and protect from cold and pests with a garden fleece

While you regularly weed and water, germination comes quickly. If necessary, in the further course, separate the coriander plants to a distance of at least 20 centimeters and a row spacing of 30 centimeters.

Propagation by means of cuttings works like this
In every vital coriander plant is the potential for more specimens. To do this, cut off a few strong shoots with a length of 10-15 centimeters. Place them in a glass of water on a half-shaded windowsill. Within a few days, new root strands will sprout from the cuttings. Once these have reached a length of 2 centimeters, continue in this way:

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Defoliate each cutting in the lower part

  • place a clay shard in a pot above the water drainage as drainage
  • fill up to half with herbal soil or a mixture of potting soil and sand
  • plant a strong cutting into this up to the lower pair of leaves
  • After watering, place the coriander in the pot in partial shade for a few days at first, so that it gets used to the sun.

Tips & Tricks
Coriander seeds will remain germinable for many years. If you store the seeds at temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius in dark, dry containers, you can enjoy rapid germination even after what feels like an eternity of 6-8 years.


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