Is Coriander One Of The Light Germinators?

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If botanists list the light germinators among the spice plants, Mediterranean coriander is among them. Thus, the seeds are dependent on a certain amount of light rays to germinate. What this circumstance means for sowing, you will learn here.

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What distinguishes light germinators and dark germinators?

The name already indicates that light is essential for the seeds of coriander or other light germinators to germinate. This is accompanied by the ability to sprout cotyledons early in the year. Bar any protection, light germination need not be exposed to the dangers of direct sowing. There is nothing to prevent the seedbed from being sifted with substrate or sand as thick as velvet.

Is Coriander One Of The Light Germinators?

With dark germinators, on the other hand, the opposite signs apply. These seeds require absolute darkness to be put in the mood for germination. Consequently, they must be pressed several centimeters deep into the substrate. Since they require more heat at the same time, early sowing into the bed is rarely possible here.

How to properly sow the light seed cilantro.

If you grow coriander yourself by direct sowing, the time window opens in April in mild locations. Choose a bed in a sunny location with humus soil, preferably fresh-moist and well-drained. Work the clod until the soil is fine-crumbly and free of impurities. How to sow seeds properly:

  • press the seeds into the soil one by one in a row no more than 0.5 centimeters
  • the ideal planting distance is 15-20 centimeters
  • a perfect row spacing is around 30 centimeters
  • thinly sprinkle the seeds with sand or substrate and sprinkle with water
  • To protect against late frosts in the soil and voracious pests, spread a garden fleece over the seedbed. Depending on weather conditions, germination starts within 5-14 days. During this time, the soil should not dry out. Consistent weeding is among the most important maintenance tasks until the seedlings know how to fend for themselves.
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Tips & Tricks
Are you worried that coriander seeds as light germinators will simply be washed away when direct sowing? Then reach for the ultimate seed helper to prevent this disaster. Spread thinly on the seedbed, the fine-grained mineral vermiculite protects the seeds from drying out while allowing light to pass through.


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