Coriander Very Easy To Grow Yourself From Seed – This Is How It Works

Mediterranean cilantro can not be missing in the well-stocked herb garden. Instead of planting weakened young plants from the supermarket, amateur gardeners favor sowing in the bed. The following instructions show how easy it is to grow the spice plant yourself.

Koriander ziehen

Choose the site with a sense of proportion – prepare professionally.
The better the location meets the requirements, the more joyfully seeds will germinate and thrive. Therefore, do not choose just any place in the garden, but a location with this condition:

  • sunny to semi-shady light conditions
  • warm and protected from heavy wind and pelting rain
  • airy-loose soil, humusy, nutritious and loamy-sandy
  • ideal is a pH value of 6.5 to 7

At the chosen location, the soil is first thoroughly raked, weeded and cleaned of roots or stones. Then work in a 5-8 centimeter thick layer of compost, leaf soil or other mulch (12.00€ at Amazon*) on the surface. This surface you pull smooth with the rake, which completes the preparatory work for growing your own cilantro.

Step by step instructions for sowing seeds in the garden.

If you grow cilantro from seed yourself, the best time for sowing comes into focus. In sheltered locations, the window of opportunity opens in April, as soon as it stops freezing. Amateur gardeners in harsh regions will be patient until early/mid-May. It is advantageous if the prepared soil can settle a little beforehand. This is how you sow coriander seeds perfectly:

  1. distribute the seeds individually at a distance of 15 to 20 centimeters.
  2. a row spacing of 30 centimeters is considered ideal
  3. thinly sift the seeds, as they are light germinators
  4. moisten the soil with a fine spray
  5. protect the seedbed with a garden fleece or close-meshed net
  6. To put the seeds in the mood for germination, in addition to sun and warmth, an adequate water supply is important. If you grow cilantro from seed yourself, you will also have to deal with nosey weeds from the start. Regular weeding is therefore a must so that the seedlings, which are weak in competition, are not overgrown.
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Tips & tricks
At first glance, the leaves of cilantro and parsley look confusingly similar. However, this fact does not mean that the two herbs get along in the bed. Therefore, avoid a neighborhood. More favorable is a mixed culture of cilantro and cucumbers, lettuce, chili, leeks and ginger.


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