How To Properly Get Strawberry Mint Ready For Winter

The aroma of strawberry mint is particularly intense in the summer. If you overwinter the plant warm, you can harvest the leaves and flowers all year round. Wintering is possible not only on the windowsill, but also outdoors.

Erdbeerminze Frost

Winter protection
Strawberry mint is considered hardy and will survive the winter outdoors if temperatures do not fall below -4 °C. If the thermometer falls below this value, additional winter protection is advisable.

This is how you protect the culinary herb:

  • Cut back close to the ground in autumn
  • lay brushwood, straw or coniferous branches on the substrate
  • water on frost-free days

Potted plants
If the kitchen herb is cultivated in a plastic pot with holes, it can spend the winter outdoors in mild regions. Bury the strawberry mint along with the pot in the ground. It is important to ensure optimal water drainage. In severe winter months, you should overwinter the plant indoors.


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