Lavender Grows Magnificently With Proper Care

Where lavender feels comfortable, it grows very quickly. Therefore, you should provide optimal site conditions, as well as proper care.

Lavendel Wachstum

leave enough space for growth

Since lavender grows very quickly and, above all, very bushy in the right conditions, you should already pay attention to the planting of the seedlings to a sufficient distance. Otherwise, in a few years you may have to laboriously separate and transplant the plants. How large the planting distance should be depends on the variety of lavender. The lower it grows, the smaller the distance between each plant can be. Potted lavender requires as large a container as possible – the larger the better.

Cut back lavender annually

Botanically, lavender belongs to the semi-shrubs, which means that over the years the older shoots become woody. However, no new shoots grow from this wood and therefore no flowers. To avoid having a more or less bare bush within a short time, you should prune the lavender annually – preferably in spring and after flowering. In particular, topiary in the spring stimulates the plant to lush growth of young shoots.

Tips & Tricks
Do not fertilize lavender too often, as this does not accelerate the growth of new shoots, but only lignification. Planted lavender only needs a little lime from time to time.

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