Does Lavender Thrive In Partial Shade?

Anyone who has ever spent a summer vacation in Provence knows this enchanting sight: For kilometers, seemingly endless, lush purple to blue flowering lavender bushes stretch to the horizon. It is understandable that one would like to have lavender in the garden. In fact, the semi-shrub also thrives excellently here, provided that the conditions are right.

Lavendel halbschattig

Lavender needs sun and dryness

Lavender, which grows up to one meter high, originally comes from the Mediterranean region. This is characterized by a lot of sun, dryness and poor soil. To ensure that the semi-shrub also feels at home in your garden, you should provide it with the same conditions. This includes the fact that lavender needs a preferably full-sun location – in partial shade or even shade, the plant will not feel very comfortable. However, many a gardener may be lucky with a semi-shaded spot for their lavender, but then the soil must not be heavy and/or wet under any circumstances. White lavender in particular often thrives in partial shade locations with dry and sandy soils.

Tips & Tricks
Before you plant your lavender, first mix the garden soil vigorously with sand – preferably in a ratio of 1:1. Under this substrate mixture comes a layer of pebbles several centimeters thick, so that excess water can not be stored, but run off quickly.


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