Mower guard – a must for every garden

A mower guard can help prevent trunk damage, which is often caused by power ends and lawn mowers.

Mower guard - a must for every garden

An accurately mowed lawn, trimmed shrubs and trees, flower beds in bloom. That’s how you want your garden at home to look. But this also requires mowing with a lawn trimmer or lawn mower to just about the bark of fruit trees and shrubs. In the heat of the moment, this is where the mowing string or lawn mower can damage the bark. This creates an entry point for wood-destroying fungi.

Although the tree rolls over the area after a certain time, the fungus is already working diligently under the wound tissue long before this happens, and years after the injury, the true extent of the damage often only becomes apparent. Wilt symptoms, stress-induced distress blossoms, and even the bending of the tree are the result. And actually, the apple tree was planted to ensure a supply of apples for decades to come, to provide shade, to shape the landscape, and to provide habitat for creatures such as birds and insects.

Inconspicuous but effective

Such damage can be avoided with a mower protection sleeve (WitaKnabb Mower Protection PRO). The sleeve is made of polyethylene and comes in a brown color. The color ensures that it forms a line with the trunk and is thus not disturbingly noticeable. A simple closure system makes it easy to attach to the trunk base of trees and shrubs. A single collar protects up to a trunk diameter of 11 cm; for larger diameters, any number of collars can be attached to each other.

To prevent rot or insect infestation inside the cuff, the surface is not closed but latticed to provide good ventilation. The movable lips on the lower edge of the sleeve hug the root approach and thus provide protection away from the ground up to a height of 20 cm.

Despite all its advantages, the mower protection sleeve should not be seen as a battering ram for the lawn mower or as iron armor against the mower string. It only protects against bark injuries in case of unintentional coming too close.