What Should Be The Growing Location For Cilantro?

In order for one of the world’s stars among the spice plants in the garden to do its best, the location for coriander wants to be chosen wisely. It depends on the following light and temperature conditions. This is how the soil should be:

Koriander Standort
  • sunny to semi-shaded position in the flower bed and on the balcony.
  • warm temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius, without accumulating heat in summer
  • humus-rich, well-drained soil without waterlogging
  • preferably fresh and moist with a low lime content
  • protected from pelting rain and strong winds
  • ideally a loamy-sandy composition
  • as a substrate in the pot use high-quality herbal soil or a mix of potting soil and sand

If you are primarily aiming at harvesting the aromatic coriander leaves, a semi-shaded location comes into consideration. To collect the spicy grains in the fall, a full sun location is advantageous.


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