Propagate Columnar Cactus – How To Propagate Cereus Works Out.

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Cuttings from the columnar cactus are grown primarily from cuttings, as this method is relatively uncomplicated. Of course, sowing is also possible. What you need to consider when propagating columnar cactus.

Säulenkaktus Stecklinge

Propagate columnar cactus: Cut cuttings or sow seeds
Columnar cacti do not usually flower in indoor culture. Therefore, you need to buy seeds in specialized stores. Easier and faster to grow offshoots anyway from cuttings that you cut from existing plants.

Propagate Columnar Cactus - How To Propagate Cereus Works Out.

How to sow sow columnar cacti.
The seed is sown thinly in prepared trays in early spring and not covered. The surface must be kept slightly moist.

Place the growing containers in a location that is as bright and warm as possible, at 20 to 28 degrees. Cover a plastic sheet over the containers to prevent drying out.

Once the seedlings have emerged, prick them out and later transfer them to individual pots.

Cut cuttings and allow to dry out
Cut cuttings
Allow cuttings to dry out
Prepare seedling pots (7,00€ at Amazon*)
Insert cuttings
stabilize with sticks
place them in a bright and warm place
water only from the side or from below
Cut the cuttings for propagation in spring or summer. Use a sharp, clean knife and make the cut straight at a thinner point

Place the cuttings upright in an empty jar that you have lined with absorbent cotton at the bottom. Until the cut ends are sufficiently dry, it may take up to two months.

Prepare pots with permeable substrate. Well suited is coco soil or cactus soil, which you mix additionally with quartz sand (14,00€ at Amazon*).

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Careful watering
Insert the columnar cactus cuttings only slightly above into the substrate. Carefully tie the cuttings to wooden sticks so that the columnar cactus stands completely straight.

Do not water the cuttings immediately after insertion at first. After a week, moisten the substrate only at the edge of the pot so that the cutting does not get wet. Alternatively, you can pour some water into the saucer. It will be absorbed by the substrate.

There are about 25 species of cacti, which are classified as columnar cactus. In their natural habitat, columnar cacti can grow up to 15 meters high. Cultivated in a pot, they reach a height of one meter and more in a few years.


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