A Milky Sap That Makes The Desert Rose Poisonous

In the homeland of the desert rose, primitive peoples use the white sap of the plant as an arrow poison. That says it all, doesn’t it? This desert and steppe plant, adapted to extremes, knows how to defend itself against predators…

Wüstenrose Saft giftig

A highly toxic milky sap
The milky sap of the desert rose is highly toxic. Even the name of the plant family indirectly indicates its toxicity. The desert rose belongs to the dog poison family. It is related to the oleander, which is also poisonous.

Cardenolides and hongheline make desert rose as toxic as red foxglove. Consumption of both the leaves and the flowers, seeds or shoots can have nasty consequences among others:

Cardiac arrhythmia
Circulatory problems
cardiac paralysis
in case of skin contact: Irritation, itching, burning sensation