When Does Lavender Bloom?

The flowering time of lavender depends primarily on the variety. There are early-flowering and late-flowering varieties of lavender, of which, however, is the earliest – the species, also called butterfly lavender, opens its flowers as early as May.

Lavendel Blütezeit

Early summer is the right season of lavender bloom. In particular, the fields of Provence in southern France are a single purple to blue sea from about May / June. The early-flowering lavender, which also blooms the longest of all varieties, starts in the merry month of May. From the beginning of June begins the flowering period of the true lavender, which is found mainly in the mountainous regions. Shortly after that, the tall-growing Speiklavender begins to open its flowers. Finally, the last to bloom is the lavandin, typical of Provence, which blooms from mid-June in a lush blue-purple hue. By the way, although Provence is the most famous lavender growing area, extensive fields can also be found in other Mediterranean countries. The Italian Tuscany and Greece are always worth a visit when lavender is in bloom. Other lavender growing areas are found in Spain (including Mallorca), Croatia (especially on the island of Hvar) and Hungary (Tihany Peninsula).

When does lavender bloom in the UK

In the UK, lavender blooms much later than in the Mediterranean – it’s usually just not warm enough here in early summer. Most lavender varieties bloom here only from mid / late June, sometimes even in July. Furthermore, lavender flowering here depends not only on the weather (i.e. sunshine duration, dryness), but also on factors such as soil condition and care. Lavender only blooms so lushly and intoxicatingly fragrant when all conditions are right – the plant is quite sensitive and therefore likes to be treated with extreme care.

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Tips & tricks
Cut back your lavender vigorously towards the end of July / beginning of August at the latest, then it will often bloom a second time.


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