Which Laurel Hedge Suits My Garden?

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If you have done some research on hedge plants, you will have noticed that cherry laurel is a wonderful shrub that can form elegant evergreen hedges. Moreover, this hedge plant is particularly versatile. In fact, there are several varieties of cherry laurel, each of which has its own unique look. And this is good news, because every garden looks completely different again. Therefore, we would now like to go into a little more detail about the different varieties of cherry laurel and we will then immediately answer the frequently asked question: which laurel hedge suits my garden?

Privacy hedge for the larger garden

Do you have a somewhat larger garden and want to form an opaque garden boundary within a relatively short time? Then the cherry laurel ‘Rotundifolia’ is a suitable cherry laurel for you. Its large, fresh green leaves will quite quickly create a real privacy hedge that you won’t be able to see through. At the same time, the glossy leaves of the Cherry Laurel ‘Rotundifolia’ will give your garden a tasteful look. With a cherry laurel ‘Rotundifolia’ you have the possibility to create slightly lower or even higher hedges. This fast-growing hedge plant is especially praised for being hardy and able to grow into a healthy, wonderful hedge plant in almost any garden soil. However, the cherry laurel ‘Rotundifolia’ cannot tolerate waterlogging or particularly calcareous soils well.

Which Laurel Hedge Suits My Garden?

A hedge with a luxurious look

Which Laurel Hedge Suits My Garden?

Do you prefer a hedge that can give your garden a luxurious look? A hedge that you can also easily trim into a formal, tight shape? Then the Portuguese cherry laurel is just what you need. This hedge plant has elegant, dark green leaves that have a beautiful sheen. The branches of the Portuguese cherry laurel have a deep red glow. However, this variety of cherry laurel also does not tolerate waterlogging well. Otherwise, this cherry laurel can grow well in any garden soil. By the way, Portuguese cherry laurel also has a magical attraction to birds and butterflies. So, if you want to make your garden more lively, this hedge plant is just right. The flower of the Portuguese cherry laurel is rather inconspicuous, but it spreads a very special fragrance, which is generally considered pleasant.

The perfect cherry laurel hedge for a small garden.

It is not uncommon to hear that the cherry laurel is rather unsuitable for planting in a small garden. This is because the plant has a rather wide growth habit and it can also grow decidedly tall. As a result, this plant takes up far too much space in the garden if you don’t have a large plot of land available. Fortunately, however, there are cherry laurel varieties that have a fairly low and slow growth, which means that you can keep them well under control even in a smaller urban garden. The ‘Otto Luyken’ cherry laurel is a good example in this regard. This hedge reaches a maximum height of 1.25 meters and the ‘Otto Luyken’ does not grow very fast either. However, the glossy leaves of the cherry laurel ‘Otto Luyken’ still give this plant a luxurious look that many other cherry laurel varieties also have, so that doesn’t take much away from it. However, the cherry laurel ‘Otto Luyken’ also has the advantage that it can grow well in almost any conditions in the garden.

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A cherry laurel variety that not only has a low growth habit, but also has a rather narrow appearance, is the cherry laurel ‘Genolia’®. So this cherry laurel is also suitable for small gardens or for particularly small gardens. However, it is important that the cherry laurel ‘Genolia’® is pruned regularly. In this way, this hedge plant can also keep its optimal shape well in your small garden. For the medium-sized garden, the cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ is a good choice. Its narrow, dark green leaves give this hedge plant a particularly graceful appearance. Just like the cherry laurel ‘Otto Luyken’, the cherry laurel ‘Herbergii’ does not have any special requirements for its location in the garden.

Which Laurel Hedge Suits My Garden?

A cherry laurel hedge with a little something extra

Are you particularly taken with the look of the cherry laurel, but then do you prefer a hedge plant with that little something extra? Do you prefer a cherry laurel hedge with a special touch? Then the cherry laurel ‘Etna’ is just right for you. This is because the runners of new shoots on this hedge plant have an orange-red to red color. This cannot be discovered in other cherry laurel varieties. The cherry laurel ‘Etna’ has a compact growth and can therefore form opaque hedges. The leaves of the cherry laurel ‘Etna’ are dark green and have a dainty appearance. Do you prefer not to prune the cherry laurel ‘Etna’? Then it will reach a decent height of 3 to 4 meters. Of course, it is more beautiful and neat to cut back this hedge plant once a year. In this way, the cherry laurel hedge will always have a neat appearance, as well as the rest of your garden. In addition, also just the cherry laurel is known to always have a well-groomed appearance.

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Which Laurel Hedge Suits My Garden?

Fits beautifully into any garden

A cherry laurel that looks pretty in any garden is the cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’. The abundant, wonderfully fragrant flowers of this hedge plant make this cherry laurel a particularly popular variety that everyone will love. This cherry laurel variety is also characterized by the fact that it has beautiful green leaves, even if they are a bit narrower than cherry laurel leaves of other varieties. The cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ has a fairly fast growth and therefore can form a wonderful, compact garden border even in a relatively short time. This hedge plant is more space efficient than other cherry laurel varieties. This is because the cherry laurel ‘Caucasica’ has a narrow growth habit. This also makes it look particularly elegant. Another advantage is that the Cherry Laurel ‘Caucasica’ can grow well even in shady locations. And although it does not tolerate waterlogging well, it still grows quite excellently in almost all conditions in the garden.

You could learn from reading the text that the cherry laurel is a versatile plant. Therefore, it is possible that many varieties of cherry laurel are particularly well suited to almost any garden design. In addition, the cherry laurel can also be combined well with other plants: this hedge plant, in fact, also harmonizes quite easily with other flowers or shrubs in your garden, and it quickly forms a beautiful whole with the rest of your garden. Therefore, the cherry laurel is a real all-round friend, which is not without reason so popular with quite a few garden lovers. Read more on the topic here: planting laurel hedge – how and when?

Other varieties of cherry laurel, which have a compact growth, are also well suited as a border for formal gardens. Think here, for example, of the cherry laurel ‘Novita’, Portuguese cherry laurel and cherry laurel ‘Elly’®. But cherry laurel doesn’t just do well in formal gardens, as this plant is also a wonderful match for informal and country gardens. However, you can also use cherry laurel shrubs as individual plants or as group plantings. In addition, you can then plant a deciduous hedge, because it is this combination of evergreen and deciduous plants that is particularly striking and colorful. It is by combining different types of plants that you can beautifully personalize your garden.

A cherry laurel can also be cut back wonderfully. This is precisely why it is well suited for formal gardens: a tight hedge shape is namely easy to achieve with a cherry laurel. Do you not trim your cherry laurel hedge so often? Then your hedge will have a somewhat wilder look, which in turn will be more suitable for an informal garden. But even then, you should cut back the cherry laurel hedge at least once a year, because the cherry laurel is a fast-growing hedge plant. In any case, you should avoid the hedge becoming too tall or too wide. Also, trimming the hedge will create many new branches that will make your hedge more compact and full.

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A cherry laurel in your garden?

Do you also want to plant a cherry laurel hedge in your garden? Then your garden will get a particularly stylish hedge plant that will be a real asset to your garden. If you prefer privacy and protection in your garden, and at the same time you also like to have a hedge with an elegant look, then the cherry laurel is ideal. Our webshop offers several varieties of cherry laurel, which you can quickly and easily order online. Select exactly the cherry laurel variety that best suits your garden. Then, on our website, also specify exactly how many hedge plants you want to order per meter.

The cherry laurel is easy to care for and tolerates pruning. Make sure that you then also regularly cut the cherry laurel, because it has a fast growth. If you give the cherry laurel a good basic fertilizer in the spring, your hedge will stay in top shape at all times. Now do you have any questions about this topic or would you like more information about other hedge plants that we have in our assortment? Then get in touch with our expert staff. We are always happy to help you when it comes to finding suitable hedge plants that will then also fit well with you and your garden.


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