Why Lavender Needs Poor Quality Soil?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:00 pm

Usually very lush blue or purple flowering lavender is an ornament to any garden, moreover, it does not require too much care. However, in order for the Mediterranean, sun-loving plant to feel at home with you, it needs the right soil. We tell you what it depends on.

Lavendel Erde

Lavender feels most comfortable in sunny locations with permeable and nutrient-poor soil, the subsoil may also be stony – after all, the plant thrives in its homeland on exactly such soil. It is also important that the lavender does not get “wet feet”, that is, the soil should not be heavy and also not tend to retain water. A sandy soil with an alkaline to neutral pH is optimal – acidic soils, which are often found in clay or peaty subsoils, are detrimental to the plant. If you have such soil and still want to plant lavender, you should first dig a deeper pit (about a foot deep) and remove the heavy soil from it. The pit is filled with a potting soil / sand mixture in the ratio 1:1, after first placing a layer of pebbles several centimeters thick on its bottom. Similarly, proceed to the planting of lavender in a pot or tub.

Why Lavender Needs Poor Quality Soil?

Tips & Tricks
Add some lime to the soil about once or twice a year, especially for heavier soils. Otherwise, avoid fertilizing too frequently, and nitrogenous fertilizers in particular (this includes manure, e.g. from chickens or pigeons!) are not particularly good for lavender. Instead, it is better to use a good, light potassium fertilizer.

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