Does Warm Water Affect The Desert Rose?

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 09:04 pm

Desert rose, which can be easily grown from seed, is popularly cultivated as a houseplant, although it is poisonous. There is also a plant that is named the same, but it is completely different

Rose von Jericho warmes Wasser

Anastatica hierochuntica – withers when there is a lack of water.
Anastatica hierochuntica is also known as the true rose Jericho or resurrection plant. It curls up into a ball during drought. If rain falls on the plant or it is placed in a bowl of warm water, it unfurls again. The green leaflets are the cotyledons of the seedlings.

Does Warm Water Affect The Desert Rose?

Adenium obesum – stores the water
The situation with Adenium obesum is completely different:

Watering with warm water has no significant effect
plant tolerates dry periods well
does not contract during drought
draws from its water reservoir in its stem

You should put the desert rose Anastatica hierochuntica only briefly in warm water. Otherwise there is a risk of mold.


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