Growing Desert Rose – The First Weeks Of Life

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Much more fun is to raise the desert rose from seed and with their own hands. But what should you pay attention to? How long does it take until the first flowering?

Wüstenrose selber ziehen

Making the seeds germinate

Growing Desert Rose - The First Weeks Of Life

When sowing seeds, not much can go wrong. But one aspect in particular can prevent the sowing from success: If you sow the seeds too deep, don’t be surprised if they don’t germinate. They should be sown to a maximum depth of 1 cm. It is better to just press them on the soil and keep moist.

Put in a warm place and wait
If the seeds were sown properly, they now come to a warm place. Well suited are heated living rooms and kitchens. You are also welcome to place the sowing container over a heater or near the stove. Plenty of heat will speed up the germination process. It usually takes 4 to 10 days for the seeds to germinate. In some circumstances it can take longer.

Something becomes visible…
First, the future stems become apparent. They are brownish-green structures, which are the first to rise from the earth. They are elongated, smooth and stand upright. On them, within a few days, the first pair of fresh-green colored leaves form.

After the seeds emerge – here’s how to proceed

If you’ve gotten this far, you’re far from a genius. The trick is to continue to successfully cultivate the desert rose. The following is important now:

place in a bright and warm location
fertilize the young plants regularly, but sparingly
let the soil dry slightly from time to time
keep evenly moist
from a size of 10 cm prick out and repot (cactus soil)
Until your grown desert roses bloom for the first time, you have to be a little patient. At the earliest, these specimens will be in bloom in the second year of life. Provided that the location, care and wintering have been right until then.

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