How And When To Plant Thuja (Tree Of Life)?

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Are you looking for a suitable hedge plant for a beautiful garden border? If your choice falls on Thuja, you have chosen a stately and hardy conifer with a strong yet distinguished appearance. The first question is, of course, how and when to plant Thuja (tree of life)?

How And When To Plant Thuja (Tree Of Life)?
Thuja, also called tree of life, is commonly used as a hedge in North American and European gardens.

Why plant Thuja?

Thuja, also called tree of life, is often used as a hedge in North American and European gardens. Not only does it provide a good privacy screen, but it also adds a beautiful, natural character to your garden. Thuja is a conifer that is often planted as a hedge. These conifers are popular because of their consistently good qualities: they are hardy and healthy, blend well with all sorts of garden styles, and require no special care. In addition, they always form a very compact hedge. Reasons enough to plant thuja in your garden. Take a closer look at the different Thuja varieties, has for example the tree of life ‘Martin’, the tree of life ‘Smaragd’ or also the tree of life ‘Brabant’ in the assortment and many other possibilities.

How And When To Plant Thuja (Tree Of Life)?
Tree of life or thuja can be planted throughout the year.

Planting thuja: when and how?

How And When To Plant Thuja (Tree Of Life)?

Tree of life or thuja can be planted throughout the year. However, it is not advisable to do it on a day with sub-zero temperatures. Planting thuja is not particularly difficult, but you should count on one day to plant a whole hedge. Dig a trench for the hedge plants. Make sure it is deep enough for the root balls to fit all the way in. Enrich the soil in the planting hole with potting soil or potting soil. Potting soil contains minerals and nutrients that the thuja plant needs.

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Moisten the roots well before placing the plant in the soil. Make sure the conifers are all upright and in a straight line. It would be a shame if your hedge doesn’t grow straight. Once all the hedge plants are placed in the ground, shovel the planting hole back up. Press the soil down well so the shrubs are firmly planted in the ground. Provide your new thuja hedge with a generous amount of water. In this way, you will guarantee your plants the best start so that they will grow into a beautiful hedge without any effort.

Keep thuja hedge in top shape

If you have planted thuja in your garden, it should of course stay in top shape. On our website you can learn more about the pruning and maintenance of a thuja hedge. Thuja is a hedge plant that is very low maintenance and hardy. A thuja hedge can grow to be ancient and always remain healthy. Add to that the fairy-tale appearance of this conifer, and Thuja is simply the ideal hedge plant for your garden.


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