What Are The Varieties Of Thuja?

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One of the most popular conifers is, of course, thuja, which is also called tree of life. Thuja is perfect for an evergreen hedge, which should look natural and yet strict and clear. Thuja is very popular, with certainly its robustness and the great age it can reach. All these good qualities speak in favor of a hedge with thuja. But what varieties of thuja are there? What distinguishes them and which are best suited?

Thuja ‘Emerald

A very popular thuja variety is the arborvitae ‘Emerald’ with the botanical name Thuja occidentalis ‘Emerald’. As the name suggests, this thuja is characterized by its beautiful emerald green color. It does not grow very fast with 20 centimeters per year. This makes this hedge plant especially suitable for smaller gardens, where you will need to trim the hedge a bit every now and then. Thuja ‘Smaragd’ does well in both sunny and shady locations. The conifer thrives in any soil, but is sensitive to drought. Looking for a compact yet elegant conifer hedge that is completely opaque? Then Thuja ‘Emerald’ is an excellent choice.

Thuja ‘Brabant

What Are The Varieties Of Thuja?

Thuja occidentalis ‘Brabant’, better known as arborvitae ‘Brabant’, is similar in many ways to Thuja ‘Emerald’. Thuja ‘Brabant’ also does not like soil that is too dry. The difference with Thuja ‘Emerald’ is that Thuja ‘Brabant’ grows a little faster: an average of 20 to 30 centimeters a year. This Thuja is also very hardy and yet looks just as pretty as the other Thuja varieties. It has the same beautiful green color and its new shoots take on a yellow sheen that is much appreciated by many gardeners. Like many other conifers, Thuja ‘Brabant’ is also quite easy to care for. That is another reason why this plant is so popular with garden lovers.

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What Are The Varieties Of Thuja?

Giant Tree of Life ‘Martin’

As its name implies, the Giant Vitae ‘Martin’, in Latin Thuja plicata ‘Martin’ can reach a considerable height. In principle, you can create a five-meter high hedge with the Giant Vifa Tree ‘Martin’. This Thuja grows into a compact and opaque hedge. In addition, the graceful, glossy foliage gives this hedge a particularly beautiful appearance. If you are looking for a robust conifer that thrives in many conditions, choose Thuja plicata ‘Martin’.

What Are The Varieties Of Thuja?

Giant arborvitae ‘Atrovirens

The Giant Vifers ‘Atrovirens’, also called Thuja plicata ‘Atrovirens’, is a hardy conifer with beautiful, glossy foliage. The first thing you notice when approaching the conifer is its fresh, spicy scent. The smell becomes stronger when you rub the needles of the Giant Live Tree ‘Atrovirens’ between your fingers. The hedge plant has a young and vital appearance. If you prune the woody plant once or twice a year, this thuja will grow dense and branched, keeping its youthful appearance. This hedge plant is also suitable for high hedges.

Giant Christmas tree ‘Excelsa

Thuja plicata ‘Excelsa’, more commonly known as Giant Thuja or Giant Life Tree ‘Excelsa’, is also a very hardy conifer that is not only hardy but also an evergreen hedge plant. Like the other giant hujas or giant vifers, this hedge plant has elegant, glossy foliage. This giant live tree can be pruned back well, but will not tolerate radical pruning down to the old wood. Incidentally, this also applies to other thuja, all of which should be pruned with some care. However, for the hedge plant to develop into a full, compact hedge, it should be pruned once or twice a year. Thuja plicata ‘Excelsa’ will grow in almost any soil, except that, like all thuja, it does not tolerate prolonged periods of drought particularly well.

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Therefore, thuja are not necessarily suitable for a location in full sun. They can be planted in sunny places, but in this case it is advisable to blast the thuja every now and then if the hot or sunny periods last for a long time. Thuja is a hedge plant, which, incidentally, does not require special care. With the different varieties of Thuja, you can create a beautiful evergreen border in your garden with relatively little effort! But how and when to plant Thuja (tree of life)?


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