How To Care For Hedge Plants In Autumn

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Hedge plants need care throughout the year, but they should not always be cared for in the same way. In spring they grow especially fast and should be pruned then. In the dry summer, you should give your hedge plants extra water from time to time, and in the winter, it is recommended that you protect sensitive hedge plants when it comes to freezing temperatures. But how should you care for hedge plants in the fall? That’s what we’d like to talk about today.

How To Care For Hedge Plants In Autumn
Most deciduous hedge plants and evergreen hedge plants need pruning only once a year

Pruning hedge plants in autumn

Most deciduous hedge plants and evergreen hedge plants only need to be pruned once a year, and in most cases this pruning should take place in the spring. The plants will then have all summer to recover from this pruning so that they can continue to grow strong and vigorous in your garden when winter arrives. However, there are plant varieties that should also be pruned in the fall, such as the hornbeam and field maple. Both of these plant varieties produce a lot of sap, so they can also freeze to death if they are not well cared for.

How To Care For Hedge Plants In Autumn

Conifer hedges are also trimmed again in the fall. By the way, with conifers and with the other two plant varieties we just mentioned, we are not talking about radical pruning of the plants in the fall, but then we are only talking about touch-ups, that is, minor pruning to prepare your hedge for the winter. However, be aware that most hedge plants should not be pruned in the fall. After all, after pruning the plants will sprout again and the young shoots are then particularly sensitive to the cold, you should definitely pay attention to this.

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How To Care For Hedge Plants In Autumn
At the beginning of autumn you will be mainly busy to enjoy from the autumn colors of your garden.

Prepare hedges for the winter

In early fall, you’ll be mostly busy enjoying fall colors from your garden. Perhaps you have mainly an evergreen garden with barberries, boxwood replacements, and rhododendrons that will give you a summer look for a long time to come. Should you have primarily a deciduous garden, then you’ll have a great time in the fall watching the leaves change color on the trees and really welcome autumn. In the latter case, however, you will then have some work to do in the garden: sweeping and raking to get all the fallen leaves into the green garbage can or compost pile. After all, deciduous plants prepare for winter by shedding their leaves and it looks wonderful, yet it always means a lot of work too. Also, make sure that fertilizing and watering your hedge is important throughout the year.

If you have a lot of exotic plants in your garden, especially exotic plants from warm countries, then you should definitely think about winter protection for your exotic plants. After all, some plants are more sensitive than others when it comes to frost and cold. If the upcoming winter is going to be a particularly cold one, then you should definitely take a closer look at different winter protection options, because winter protection for hedge plants is really important. Often it is not necessary immediately in November or December to cover your plants, but you should be prepared for the event that the temperatures fall all at once very strong, but most often this happens in January and February, so always keep a close eye on the weather forecasts.

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