How to Make a Do-It-Yourself Wind Chime

Is it time to decorate your home? Do you want to spend your time on amazing homemade items? The Wind Chime is a very special and, most importantly, easy to make ornament; here’s how to create your own in a few simple steps.

If we were Cheyenne we’d all have a dream catcher at the entrance to our tent but, since we’re just people, we can just imitate that ancient tradition create one to hang above our bed even in the a variation of the Wind Chime . In fact, there are really many versions of this decorative object capable, according to ancient legends, to remove bad dreams and bad thoughts.

How to Make a Do-It-Yourself Wind Chime

From the appearance of a nice rattle, the Wind Chime is really very easy to create with the do it yourself technique. Just keep some items that you may have recovered and use scissors and glue. We are talking about a chore that can become a nice hobby and you can also try to sell your productions to make a profit. Here are all the instructions to proceed in the most correct way and give life to an original and unique creation.

How to Make a Do-It-Yourself Wind Chime

The material
To begin, you will obviously need to obtain all the necessary materials. In addition to salvaged items such as yogurt jars or old clay pots will need other items readily available. Let’s start clearly with scissors and/or a hacksaw and glue (better if the more resistant and, why not, also vinyl) and then move on to chain and al nylon thread.

Remember also the gods brushes paint, if you feel like it, and – of course – paints is acrylic paints. In this way you can make the Wind Chime even more unique and personal. In addition, depending on your taste, you can choose ribbons of different fabrics or feathers for a silent version or other decorative objects capable of creating a soft tinkle.

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Among these, for example, also the shells collected on the beach. And it is on the beach also the wooden rods to keep everything and give birth to the base to hang later wherever you want.

The procedure
After having obtained the base, whether it is in wood or in metal, you can cover it with a special tape and/or paint it to later drill it. In the same way I jars so that it can be in relation to the chain. All ‘inside the jars will then be inserted reeds sound go to form the rattle.

If you want to create this part with shells obviously it will be necessary to drill them also (if they do not have already their traditional hole) to pass the thread. To arrange everything well you then make the gods knots. Obviously everywhere of the Wind Chime can be painted and decorated with small flowers etc. In order not to discolor the paint it is then advisable to paint a layer of more transparent colors as a cover. Finally, you will need a last piece of string to hang the Wind Chime where you prefer.

How to Make a Do-It-Yourself Wind Chime

The Layout
After you have created a very original wind chime, all that is left is to hang it up. There are many incredible places to have it. Let’s start with the most classic: on the bed. A few centimeters from the headboard of the bed, this object will make a good impression. It’s no coincidence that similar items are also used for cribs of small children because they help to calm them down. If we work hard, it can have the same effect on us too.

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At the entrance, in a particular place like under a camber, or hanging on the door, the Wind Chime can be a really splendid decoration. In fact, this is precisely the place where these objects are found in public places like those interesting little clothing or jewelry stores. Obviously, the places to put this object can be numerous if you use the fancy. There are no specific rules and you can like it even just entrust it to your taste.

The Wind Chime in the garden

How to Make a Do-It-Yourself Wind Chime

A Wind Chime can also be created with salvaged objects that you would never expect. Simply attach something broken or something you no longer use to a bar. Among the possible elements that can be used, we find pieces of glass, perhaps made from a broken Mirror – although you must remember to be very careful not to hurt yourself -.

Even some more useful cutlery or old keys that are no longer needed can help you succeed in the goal and will give life to this soft and calm sound, perfect for relaxing when the breeze blows. This is also why this type of Wind Chime is perfect for the garden.

The maintenance
Be handled with care, like all things, even a Wind Chime can last for years. Also remember to clean it from time to time. Being an object always left on display it will surely catch a lot of dust then a delicate wipe with a cloth cleaning cloth, it could be ideal to avoid falling victim to spider webs and various things.

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