How To Grow Oregano From Seed Yourself

From the pleasantly fragrant, pink to purple lip flowers of oregano after fading the seed stalks are formed. In them are numerous tiny, elongated oval, dark brown nutlets. From these seeds you can grow numerous new oregano plants.

Oregano Aussaat

The best time to sow oregano.

Since oregano requires temperatures of at least twenty degrees for germination, you should preferably sow it indoors or in a heated greenhouse. If you want to put the plants outdoors in the spring, you can start growing them as early as February. With direct sowing in the herb garden, you should wait until May.

This is how to sow the oregano:
Oregano is a light germinator and therefore the seeds must not be covered with soil under any circumstances. The following procedure has proven successful:

  • Place growing soil in a peat swell pot or a small growing pot and press down lightly.
  • Moisten the soil well with an atomizer, but do not soak it completely.
  • Spread seeds over the soil and press down gently.
  • Sprinkle carefully. Be careful not to wash out the seeds.
  • To create a greenhouse climate, place a clear plastic bag over the planter.
  • Place seedlings on a very bright and sunny windowsill.

The care of seedlings

  • Aerate seedlings daily to prevent mold growth.
  • Remove moldy seeds and soil immediately.
  • Moisten the soil regularly, but avoid completely soaking it.
  • Oregano takes a relatively long time to germinate. Only after about 14 to 28 days do the cotyledons of the plants show. Open the cover more frequently now so that the small plants get plenty of light. Rotate the pots daily to keep the seedlings from facing the sun too much.
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Prick out oregano
As soon as the second pair of leaves appears above the cotyledons you can prick the oregano. Loosen the soil with the pricking stick and carefully dig up the small plantlets. Pricking will cause some damage to the root of the oregano; however, this is not a bad thing and will encourage it to grow more vigorously. The plants are placed in pots with potting soil, in which you have pressed a sufficiently deep hole for the roots with the pricking stick. Continue to nurture the oregano plantlets on the windowsill until they have developed vigorously enough to move outdoors.


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