Planting Geraniums In May: Proper Care And Location For The Flowers

The time of geraniums starts again. With the right care and the optimal location, they bloom especially beautifully.

Spring is in full swing and attracts amateur gardeners into the greenery. Since the geraniums are very popular, these may not be missing in many gardens. But some tips and tricks regarding care and location owners should take to heart.

According to NDR, the geranium prefers a sunny location, where it blooms from about May to October. It is important to keep the plant evenly moist, but who forgets the watering times, must not blame himself. Now and then the plant should tolerate drought. As a rule of thumb, it is better to water less frequently. Because especially young plants should not be watered too intensively.

If you want to fertilize your plant in the garden, you can use a normal liquid fertilizer for so-called flowering plants. This should be used about once a week. Special fertilizer, however, is not necessary for the care of the plants. Also with other plants it depends on the correct care. In the case of geraniums, it is important to remove dead inflorescences along with the stems, as this promotes the formation of new flowers.

Plant geraniums now: Propagation by cuttings quite easily possible

However, not only the flowers, but also the plant itself can be propagated. To implement this lifehack, amateur gardeners simply need to cut or break off a shoot about the length of a finger with leaves just below the last leaf node. This does not damage the mother plant – on the contrary, removing the healthy shoots also stimulates new flower formation.

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To give the so-called cuttings a chance to concentrate on root formation, the leaf mass should be shortened with a clean knife. The flower stalks and buds should also be removed in the process. Subsequently, the cuttings can be placed two centimeters deep in growing soil and watered. In the following weeks, it is important to keep the soil slightly moist.

Plant geraniums now: Different varieties for different purposes

For a little color in the garden, there are hundreds of different varieties of geraniums. These fall into three categories: Hanging geraniums, upright growing geraniums, and scented geraniums. The hanging geraniums are said to be most suitable for window boxes and hanging baskets.

On the contrary, the upright growing geraniums are suitable for planting beds and pots. Scented geraniums, which should smell particularly intense, can even be used for the preparation of a salad and thus for eating.


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