Does Lavender Has A Low Water Requirement?

Like so many other Mediterranean plants, lavender is actually quite undemanding in terms of care, but all the more sensitive to moisture. Too much moisture leads to the fact that the rather dry-loving lavender quickly dies.

Lavendel gießen

Do you need to water lavender in the garden?

Lavender comes from a region where it is naturally rather dry and barren. Over time, the plant has adapted to these conditions, for example, by developing a very long taproot. By means of this – and the otherwise well-developed root network – the lavender still gets the water and nutrients it needs even from the deeper layers of soil. Therefore, watering planted lavender is in principle not necessary – as well as fertilizing. Only when it is very hot and dry, additional watering is also necessary in the garden.

Watering pot lavender correctly

Potted lavender, in turn, has no chance to form a taproot. Therefore, you need to water the plant from time to time – but carefully. Only when the top layer of soil in the pot has dried up do you need to water the lavender. Also, water only so that, if possible, no water runs into the saucer. By the way, you should always remove water from the saucer immediately, because lavender does not tolerate wet feet. If the roots are permanently in water or too wet, rot will set in. It is best to water early in the morning so that the water can evaporate during the day. You can safely use tap water, as lavender needs quite a lot of lime.

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Excess water must be able to drain away.

Waterlogging is to be avoided at all costs, as it will cause the plant to die. Therefore, with potted lavender, you should ensure optimal pot drainage.

  • Choose a sufficiently deep pot made of wood, clay or other natural material.
  • This must have a drainage hole at the bottom.
  • First fill a layer of drainage material (e.g. expanded clay) several centimeters thick into the pot, and only then add the soil on top.

Tips & Tricks
Refrain from mulching lavender, as the material retains additional moisture.


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