What Can You Do With Old Pallets In The Garden?

We talk more and more in everyday life about protecting our environment, recycling material and reuse possibilities – also us at homify, especially when the discussion includes topics like decoration or furniture. It is indeed incredible how many things we can build with simple euro pallets, fruit crates or wooden boards, for example. This is not only environmentally friendly, but also cheap. We’ve put together a great selection of ten ideas that might work for your home. All you need is a little handyman skill and a few tools. Roll up your sleeves:

Garden design with pallets is in vogue. In many plants, they are simply thrown away when they can no longer be used for transportation. The pallets are stable, can carry hundreds of kilos and are ideal for a variety of crafts in the garden. We present five ideas.

Multifunctional house for hedgehogs and insects

For the skyscraper-like quarters for beneficial insects in the garden will need six pallets. The bottom pallet is placed upside down at the location of the house, and the next comes right side up on top. This creates a shelter for hedgehogs on the first floor. The hedgehog den can be filled with dry leaves in the fall to keep the animals comfortable.

The upper four floors form an insect hotel. For this purpose, fill the pallets with material that is available in many gardens: grass, straw, hollow stalks, old bricks or drilled logs. On the penultimate level, lay a piece of foil and place on it an inverted pallet with four boards screwed to the sides. The film protects the rest of the hotel from moisture.

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Then fill the top pallet with planting soil. To ensure that nothing trickles through, it is recommended to line the pallet with garden fleece. Finally, the roof can be planted, for example, with bee-friendly plants such as bee willow (Phacelia).

Simple mini raised bed

Ein Mann pflanzt eine grüne Pflanze in ein Beet.  Foto: Udo Tanske

Pallets can also be used as a mini raised bed. It is ideal for gardeners who have a lot of lawn space or want to green a backyard in the city. To do this, simply place a pallet on the ground and – as with the quarters for beneficial insects – screw four boards to the sides. If necessary, line the box with weed fleece, fill the whole thing with planting soil and plant vegetables or flowers.

Climbing aid for plants

Zwei Europaletten wurden im spitzen Winkel zusammengeschraubt.  Foto: Udo Tanske

Pallets are also ideal as a climbing aid for plants, such as cucumbers or beans. To do this, simply screw two legs to a pallet as a support and set up at an angle. The plants can climb up the frame and the back is spared during harvesting.

Privacy screen from pallets

Aus Europaletten wurde ein Zaun gebaut.  Foto: Udo Tanske

A pallet fence is made quickly and not only protects against prying eyes of neighbors, but at the same time creates new space for garden planting. To do this, simply screw boards under the upper openings and fill the whole thing with soil. In addition, the boards can be painted colorfully. There are no limits to creativity here.

Planter box for garden or balcony

Aus zwei Europaletten wurde ein Hochbeet gebaut, in dem Pflanzen eingesetzt wurden.  Foto: Udo Tanske

For a homemade planter box will need two euro pallets, which are screwed together as a triangle open at the bottom. Since all sides of the Euro pallet are open, attach additional boards to each of two opposite sides. Then line the box with fleece and fill it with soil. For small plants such as strawberries, flowers or herbs, it is enough to fill only the pallet with soil. For crops that grow deep roots, the pallet bed can be completely filled with soil and made into a raised bed. Thus, the area under cultivation is doubled.

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The ideal place for garden tools

Garten Paletten  Foto: Udo Tanske

Once the work is done, the tools are placed in the new tool stand. This can be built very quickly from a Euro pallet. Simply place the pallet on the long edge and attach it to the shed, for example. This way, the garden tools are neatly stowed away and ready to hand at any time.


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