How Do You Make A Vegetable Garden Out Of Pallets?

You dream of a nice vegetable garden but don’t want to invest a fortune to make it happen? No problem! Do you know that with a little motivation, a few tools and some pallets, you can create a beautiful vegetable garden in an afternoon. You just have to follow a few steps to start this beautiful adventure. My Little Green Corner explains it all to you!

Necessary equipment

You must be properly equipped to be able to make your vegetable garden with pallets. The crowbar, for example, is absolutely necessary to be able to detach the boards. If you don’t have all these elements, ask your friends or rent them from private individuals on services like bricolib or kiloutou. Here is the complete list of materials:

✓ Gloves
✓ A crowbar (or car jack)
✓ A sledgehammer
✓ A saw (saber or jigsaw)
✓ Pliers (to remove nails)
✓ Pliers (to cut nails)
✓ Screwdriver
✓ Screws (3cm and 5cm)
✓ Wall stapler (optional)

Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets usually consist of three footings that rest on the ground, crosspieces that are positioned perpendicular to the footings, dice that are located at the footings, and again boards on top. The latter are more or less spaced, it varies from one pallet to another. The ideal is therefore to recover identical pallets, which is relatively simple. You have either consigned pallets which are intended for the transport of goods abroad and which are already treated or even painted. But they are difficult to dismantle and complicated to obtain. What you need are disposable and untreated pallets. There are different qualities and they are easily dismantled. You can usually find them in the shops or in DIY stores. With a little bit of ingenuity, you will not have any difficulty to get them!

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A simple realization

You will have to choose the measurements of your garden. We can choose as an example a classic model that measures 30 centimeters high and 80 centimeters long. The width depends on what you want. The slats are usually 10 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters thick. You will have to dismantle 26 slats of pallet. Be careful not to damage them. Then remove the nails without splitting the board. Then you can lightly sand the boards or even trim them if necessary.

How Do You Make A Vegetable Garden Out Of Pallets?


Once you have your boards, you need to prepare four 30-centimeter cleats. Then you can proceed to the assembly. Simply position three boards on top of each other to form a face. Then you have to fix the boards on the cleats, then start again to constitute the second face of your vegetable garden. Then, you constitute a frame and finalize the whole according to your desires. The bottom is the last step to make a vegetable garden with pallets. You will have to form the support with cleats and put a wooden frame on the back.

How Do You Make A Vegetable Garden Out Of Pallets?

The legs of the vegetable garden

If you want to put your garden in height, you can add legs to it. You just have to screw posts at the four corners with screws. But be careful to measure the space and to add reinforcements for the solidity of your module. You also need to keep your vegetable garden straight. Then, add a geotextile film at the bottom of the container, place your garden in its place and fill it with a mixture of topsoil and compost. It is also possible to paint it to integrate it perfectly with your garden and give it a more personalized look.

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As you can see, to make a vegetable garden from pallets you must first of all be well equipped and well organized. There are many different possibilities, but don’t hesitate to start with a simple model if you are not (yet) an expert in DIY.


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