When Is The Best Time To Water Your Garden?

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When Is The Best Time To Water Your Garden?

You’re not the only one who enjoys a wet cool-down in the summer – your plants also need enough water to survive the hot days. Here you can find out when and how to water your plants.

Colorful blossoms and vibrant green leaves – especially in summer, plants in the garden or on the balcony are a beautiful sight. In hot weather, however, they need more water than during the rest of the year. In summer, you should not only adjust the amount of water to the weather, but also the time of day when you reach for the watering can.

It is best to water early in the morning

When Is The Best Time To Water Your Garden?

When Is The Best Time To Water Your Garden?

The heat in summer causes the soil to dry out and heat up during the day. Once the soil is heated, much of the water evaporates during watering. For this reason, the best time of day for watering is early in the morning. Expert:ins even recommend between three and five in the morning. However, watering your plants by seven in the morning is usually sufficient. The earlier, the better.

If you are an early riser, your garden or balcony plants will also benefit. Then the water can seep into the soil and reach the roots. This way your plants are ready for the hot day. In addition, you save the resource water, because the watering water arrives where it is needed and does not evaporate in the sun.

It is also possible to water your plants in the evening. Only later in the evening is the soil cooled down enough to make watering worthwhile. On hot days, this is usually the case from 8 pm at the earliest. But you should also keep in mind that wet soil overnight can sometimes attract slugs, which may then eat your plants.

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You should avoid watering at midday, as the soil is particularly hot at this time and the sun is particularly intense. The water will evaporate faster than it can penetrate the soil.

Tips for proper watering

When Is The Best Time To Water Your Garden?

Basically, you should adjust the amount of water and also the watering rhythm to the weather. This automatically means that you should water more frequently than usual during hot spells. Water your plants properly. After all, the water must reach the roots and not just remain on the surface until it evaporates. That is, you should rather water extensively than permanently too little.

However, you should make sure that no waterlogging occurs. This is especially a risk with potted plants, but waterlogging can also form in the bed. It is important to use a permeable substrate that you add to the soil when planting. It is therefore better to water potted plants twice a day with a little less water, and bedding plants once a day with plenty of water. By the way: Even after a rain shower or thunderstorm, you may have to water additionally. On the one hand, because not enough water has come down, on the other hand, because the rain does not always water every plant. Especially the soil under sprawling plants may have been left dry.

If possible, water from the bottom and not from the top all over the plant. This can burn the leaves (and flowers, if any) because the sun’s rays shine through them more intensely (burning glass effect).

The water you use for watering does not have to be special. We recommend collecting rainwater and using it. Then you don’t have to waste tap water.

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To minimize evaporation, you can use bark mulch. Spread the mulch around the plant. It will provide additional protection against frostbite in winter.


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