4 Beautiful Flowering Hedge Plants

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The world of hedge plants is quite wonderful. There are an incredible number of varieties of hedge plants. All of these plants have a unique character that is incomparable. There are shrubs that can often be found in the most diverse gardens. For example, one can think here of the cherry laurel, yew and privet. The conifer hedge is also quite common in quite different gardens. And what do you think about the beech hedge, which always looks enchantingly beautiful in every season? Nevertheless, there are also hedge plants that are underestimated. These are then mostly plants with which you can form wonderful garden boundaries, but which are less often caught the eye. Therefore, here we show you now 4 elegant hedge plants that we see far too rarely! These hedge plants bring life to your garden!

4 Beautiful Flowering Hedge Plants

The rhododendron

As a single plant, the rhododendron has been extremely popular for years. This does not surprise us. After all, this evergreen hedge plant is hardy and gets wonderful flowers of different colors. It can have pink flowers, which can be very light or very dark. But it can also get purple to white, purple or red flowers: the dainty flowers make a wonderful contrast to the dark green leaves of this shrub. However, not every garden owner knows that the rhododendron can also form particularly pretty hedges, which can also provide a lot of privacy in the garden due to their evergreen character. So, you can choose certain flower colors, but of course you can also combine the different colors of the rhododendron. In this way, you get a garden hedge that will attract attention and that will provide a colorful spectacle in your garden during the flowering season!

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4 Beautiful Flowering Hedge Plants

The Weigelie

4 Beautiful Flowering Hedge Plants

Should you prefer a deciduous hedge, the weigelie is a wonderful hedge option. This plant also goes well with an informal garden design. You can cut it back to create a low, wide hedge. Or you can simply let it grow freely: in this way, it can then reach a height of up to 2 meters. Even though this shrub is not evergreen, it is definitely hardy. The Weigelie ‘Bristol Ruby’ gets wonderful, deep red flowers during the flowering period. The weigelie ‘Rosea’ gets exceptionally many, bright, pink flowers during the flowering period. Both varieties of weigelia are particularly well suited as hedge plants. You can form whole hedges with the Weigelie, which fit extremely well to rural gardens or to a completely natural garden. However, as a single plant, this shrub is also good to use, but even as a hedge plant, the weigelie should be much more the center of attention.

4 Beautiful Flowering Hedge Plants

Viburnum tinus

By Viburnum tinus is meant the wonderful snowball. This hedge plant is characterized by the fact that a snowball gets red buds, from which later arise many, white flowers that have a somewhat daring appearance. In autumn, the snowball gets beautiful blue-black berries. In summary, this hedge plant is wonderful to look at. The snowball is evergreen, but it is not particularly hardy. Therefore, in winter you should also take the necessary measures to protect this plant from frosty temperatures. By the way, Viburnum tinus can not cope well with strong gusts of wind. So, it is necessary to give this beautiful garden plant a protected location in the garden. Also, you should know that a snowball hedge will not be completely opaque. Are you looking for a privacy hedge? Then the snowball may not be a suitable plant for you. Doesn’t that bother you? Viburnum tinus is then, of course, a magnificent hedge plant that will add a graceful touch to your garden!

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4 Beautiful Flowering Hedge Plants

The deutzia

Finally, we also like to mention the finger shrub, which not only has a particularly pretty name, but is also a decidedly lovely hedge plant. Deutzias, which are also used as bridal bouquets, are suitable for forming rather low, informal hedges that can reach a meter in height. During the flowering period, deutzias have many pretty white flowers that contrast with the deep green leaves in a very decorative way. However, this plant is not evergreen and therefore it comes into its own especially in a garden that has a less classical garden design. The color of deutzia flowers is particularly bright and white. Deutzia also immediately makes you think of a wedding dress, which is why this plant is often used for bridal bouquets. This hedge plant is particularly effective when grown in sun or partial shade. In the shade, this plant may not develop well and may not get many flowers because it cannot get enough sunlight in the shade. You can carefully prune this plant back by cutting off especially the branches that are sticking out. Are you being gentle with these petite, wonderful hedge plants? Then your garden will certainly look much fresher and more colorful!


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