How To Cut And Care For Conifers

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It is not for nothing that coniferous hedges are so popular among gardeners. With such a robust hedge plant, you create an evergreen garden fence, which they will enjoy for decades. Of course, even though conifers are very hardy, they need to be properly cared for. However, most conifers are easy to care for and do not require any special or intensive care. What is important is to nurture and care for conifers in the right way. Pruning and care of conifers: This is how it’s done!

Fertilize conifers

To keep your conifer hedge looking strong, it’s important to fertilize these evergreen plants regularly. Fertilize at least once a year, preferably in the spring. Conifers are more likely to suffer from magnesium deficiency than other hedge plants. Therefore, add magnesium to the fertilizer as needed. Or do you have a fertilizer specifically designed for conifers? Magnesium has often already been added to this.

How To Cut And Care For Conifers

There are various fertilizers to choose from. For example, there are organic fertilizers and artificial fertilizers. Organic fertilizer is, of course, more environmentally friendly. Artificial or mineral fertilizer has been enriched with minerals that promote the growth of hedge plants. Both fertilizers have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can also use both fertilizers alternately. Sometimes it is said that artificial fertilizers are always bad for the soil, but this is not so. There is also fertilizer that is specially designed for hedges. This fertilizer meets the needs of plants that are planted in a confined space, as is the case with hedges. Which fertilizer is ultimately better should be approached differently from hedge plant to hedge plant. If everything is to go much faster right away, then of course you can think about prefabricated hedges. But which prefabricated hedge fits my garden?

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How To Cut And Care For Conifers
Conifers are low-maintenance hedge plants that thrive in almost any soil. Preferred locations are in the sun or partial shade.

Watering conifers

Conifers are low-maintenance hedge plants that thrive in almost any soil. Preferred locations are in the sun or partial shade. There are even Thuja varieties that tolerate shade quite well. One of these is Thuja plicata, also known as giant arborvitae or giant thuja. Conifers are generally sensitive to prolonged drought. During prolonged hot and dry periods, it is quite appropriate to provide the conifers with additional water. This will prevent the conifers from drying out and turning wilted brown. Conifers on sandy soil can also use a little more water. It is best to water your conifers as close to the root as possible. This is the best way for the plant to absorb the water. Also, water on the branches can promote mold growth if it doesn’t dry quickly. Some conifers, such as yews, require watering immediately after planting and additional watering in the weeks that follow.

How To Cut And Care For Conifers
Conifers are tolerant of pruning, but you should still avoid cutting back to the old wood, as this can result in bare patches, which is often irreparable.

Pruning conifers

Conifers are tolerant of pruning, but you should still avoid cutting back to the old wood, as this can result in bare spots, which is often irreparable. Most conifers need to be pruned once or twice a year: once in the spring and then again in September. Unfortunately, conifers are susceptible to certain fungal diseases. Are your conifers not drying quickly enough after a rainstorm? Then your hedge is at risk of mildew. That’s why it’s so important to prune your conifers properly. The hedge should be trimmed narrowly at the top and wider towards the bottom. This way, sunlight will reach the inside of the hedge as well. This will ensure that your hedge dries out quickly and prevents mold from forming.

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Always use clean, sharp tools to trim your conifer hedge. Clean your hedge trimmer thoroughly after each cut. Sharp tools will give you the cleanest results. You can also use an electric hedge trimmer or power hedge trimmer for pruning. Also click on planting conifers if you want to learn more.

A beautiful conifer hedge

We are often asked by amateur gardeners which conifers are best for a hedge. On our website we have listed all the conifers that can be considered for a hedge. There are many conifers that make a beautiful garden border: different varieties of thujas, beautiful spruces, mock cypresses and Leyland cypresses.


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