How To Get Your French Lavender Through The Winter

The French lavender is an exceedingly sun-loving plant, which comes from the milder coastal regions of the Mediterranean area. Therefore, this type of lavender does not tolerate frost at all, so it requires an appropriate winter quarters.

Schopflavendel überwintern

French lavender needs a bright and cool place.

However, you should not overwinter the plants in the heated living room, because French lavender needs in the cold season between five to ten degrees Celsius cool – but frost-free – location. In addition, it should be as bright as possible, so a dark cellar or the like is not very suitable. It is better to overwinter the plants in an attic, in the garden house,(399,00€ at Amazon*) in the unheated bedroom or in a (not drafty) stairwell. In addition, the French lavender also needs water in the winter, although you should proceed carefully. Water the plant just enough so that the soil does not dry out. Soil that is too moist often leads to root rot, especially in winter, and the crested lavender will die.

Tips & Tricks
Starting in March / April, you can put the lavender back outside for hours at a time on warm days. However, slowly accustom the plant to the sun and bring it back inside at night.


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