French Lavender: How To Put In A Pot During Winter

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:59 pm

The lavender is a plant that needs sun and warmth and should be kept cool but frost-free during the winter. As a rule, the shrub tolerates short-term temperatures around freezing point – provided that it is protected accordingly.

Schopflavendel überwintern im Topf

Wrap pot with protective mats

Provided that the temperatures have not yet permanently slipped below freezing, you can leave a pot with lavender in a sheltered – that is, not draughty and not windy – corner of the garden or on the balcony. The plant is most comfortable in a warm spot on the wall of a house, preferably facing south. Lavender needs a lot of sun, even in winter. As long as the pot is outside, you should cover the substrate with brushwood and wrap the container with protective mats, for example, made of coconut. In this way you will protect the roots from freezing. However, as soon as it gets colder, the lavender belongs in a cool and bright place inside the house or in a greenhouse.

French Lavender: How To Put In A Pot During Winter

Tips & Tricks
When the temperatures rise again in February / March, you can put the pot outside again for hours at a time when the temperatures are warm and get the plant used to the sun – this way it can prepare for an early start of flowering from May.


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