Do Not Cut Withered Lavender Too Late

Last updated on October 23rd, 2023 at 08:58 pm

In its home, it is customary to prune lavender only after it has flowered – this is usually around mid to late August. However, faded lavender should not be pruned this late, otherwise it will develop less resistance to the winter cold.

Lavendel nach der Blüte schneiden

Pruning lavender no later than the beginning of August.

In other colder countries, topiary of lavender is done in the spring, before the first shoots appear. This is usually the case in April. It is better not to prune in the fall, so as not to further weaken the plant before the onset of winter. Pruning after flowering is done towards the end of July, or at the latest in early August – then the lavender still has time to develop a second flower instead of putting its energy into seed production. After all, with the flowering also stops the formation of new shoots. Flower pruning only removes the shoots that have bloomed off.

Do Not Cut Withered Lavender Too Late

Tips & Tricks
Older lavender should be pruned nowhere near as much as young, because the plant does not resprout from the lower, woody parts.


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