Use Urine In The Garden: Home Remedy Can Work Wonders For Many Plants

Use Urine In The Garden: Home Remedy Can Work Wonders For Many Plants

Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive, and neither does fertilizer. Roses, for example, are best fertilized with their own urine.

For hibiscus, rhododendrons or vegetables: In the garden center one can acquire fertilizer for nearly each plant in the garden. And not always at a favorable rate. But if you want to care for your plants, you can do so without spending any money at all. And that is with your own urine.

Fertilize roses in the garden: Urine is a helpful home remedy

What sounds at first disgusting and curious, but can certainly keep up with other organic fertilizers, as reports. But first the facts about human urine: The liquid contains many useful nutrients.

Potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, among others, are contained in urine. All nutrients are likewise contained in commercial plant fertilizers and promote the growth of plants. Nitrogen is also used in cosmetics, but in the form of urea. But even beyond that, urine as a means in the garden brings some advantages.

Use urine in the garden for roses, hydrangeas, rhododendrons and more.

Urine, in fact, is not only free, but also sustainable. The liquid fertilizer does not need plastic packaging or the like and is thus used in the garden, instead of uselessly flushed down the toilet.

Also other alleged garbage can one in the garden still well use. Thus coffee grounds are useful in the use against slugs and can serve the hydrangeas at the same time as fertilizer. Eggshells can also give plants a nutrient boost.

Urine is especially useful as a fertilizer for plants that are heavy feeders. In addition to roses, these include cabbage plants, potatoes. Tomatoes and cucumbers. Also in principle, the liquid is also helpful for peonies, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, geraniums or petunias.

Gardening tips: How to use urine correctly as a fertilizer for roses.

But be careful: the gardening tip does not mean that the toilet is exchanged with the bed from now on. Urine should definitely be diluted in a ratio of 1:10 before it gets to the plants. The urine should be poured on the bed soil and not sprayed on the plants.

Even if it is your own urine, it is essential to wear gloves and wash your hands afterwards. The World Health Organization (WHO) also advises: Anyone who fertilizes vegetable plants with urine should wait at least one month before harvesting. Urine can contain germs.

Make your own fertilizer in the garden: Urine is not suitable for every plant

But the inexpensive fertilizer also has disadvantages. Unlike commercial fertilizer, the nutrient composition of urine cannot always be accurately predicted. So the plants can not necessarily be fertilized specifically. By the way, the fertilizer is not at all suitable for plants that store nitrate. This applies to spinach, lettuce and arugula, for example.

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