You Want To Increase The Value Of Your Property? Plant A Hedge!

Many underestimate the impact of a well-kept garden on property value. An unkempt lawn or beds overgrown with weeds not only affect your living comfort, but also have a detrimental effect on the value of your property. Even small measures can have a big impact. An investment in one or more hedges is particularly worthwhile, as a green garden border adds style and character to the garden. This pays off if you should ever move and want to sell your house. On the one hand, you will achieve a higher sales value, and on the other hand, potential buyers will be attracted to the beautiful property. Want to increase the value of your home? Create a hedge!

You Want To Increase The Value Of Your Property? Plant A Hedge!
All gardens have one thing in common: everyone can immediately see how much time and love has been invested in them.

Why the garden is important

The design of a garden is a very personal matter. Some prefer a wild cottage garden, where everything grows and blooms freely, while others prefer a classic garden with straight lines and shrubs cut into shape. All gardens have one thing in common: everyone can immediately see how much time and love has been invested in them. It is not for nothing that the garden is considered by many to be an extension of the living room. Do not underestimate the effect of an elegant and well-kept garden on visitors. Such a garden will also naturally make a better impression on potential buyers and you will achieve a higher selling price.

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A stylish garden says a lot about the people who live there. This is true for any style of garden. An unkempt garden with broken fencing and overgrown hedges is not attractive to anyone. A well-maintained garden, on the other hand, is inviting. The most impressive is a very dignified, elegant garden, which you can see from a distance that the owner always keeps it in good shape. You can easily achieve this effect if you plant a hedge.

You Want To Increase The Value Of Your Property? Plant A Hedge!
A prefabricated hedge consists of mature hedge elements that already have the desired height.

You want a mature hedge immediately? Plant a prefabricated hedge!

If you want it to be fast and you do not want to wait so long until your hedge is fully grown, plant a prefabricated hedge. A prefabricated hedge consists of fully grown hedge elements that are already the desired height. Together, these elements immediately form a beautiful, full and opaque hedge. There are various plants available as a prefabricated hedge. With which hedge do you want to enhance your property and make it even more attractive?

If you are thinking of selling your house, better not plant an unusual hedge. Go for a hedge that is more popular and more commonly seen in gardens. A conifer hedge may look a bit boring to some, but at least it’s fairly neutral and goes wonderfully with many different garden styles. Potential buyers will have a much easier time envisioning their own dream garden if the existing hedge is neutral. An evergreen rhododendron hedge that bears flowers in all sorts of colors always has a very personal touch, and not everyone likes lush blooms in their garden.

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It behaves as with a house: white or light walls make it easier for the prospective buyer to arrange the rooms in his mind according to his own taste. It is not much different with a garden. Hedge plants that are particularly suitable for making an unobtrusive yet prestigious first impression are cherry laurel, thuja, yew, beech and privet. You can also buy all these hedge plants as ready-made hedges in our web store. Choose a slightly lower hedge rather than a high one. This will make the garden look bigger.

You Want To Increase The Value Of Your Property? Plant A Hedge!

Buy ready hedge

It is not particularly difficult to plant a prefabricated hedge. However, you should do this work in pairs or, better yet, in threes. Prefabricated hedge elements are quite heavy, especially in wet weather, because they soak up the wetness. It’s best to take a day to plant an entire prefab hedge. By the end of the day, your garden will have a completely different look. Unlike a fence made of wood or metal, a garden with a green hedge looks much more homey and inviting. When planting a hedge, always use special planting soil. This will keep your hedge in good condition for a long time.

Dig a trench for all the finished elements of the hedge. Loosen the bottom of the trench a little to make the soil permeable. Then mix the soil with the planting soil. The packaging always indicates how much planting soil is needed per linear meter. In this way, you will provide the hedge with the best starting conditions. Your house will make a distinguished impression and its value will increase. If you buy a prefabricated hedge from us, we will also send you detailed planting instructions.

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Do you want to increase the value of your house?

Also make sure that the rest of the garden is in good condition. Get rid of old leaves, weed and clean the patio once again. Nice, inviting garden furniture also adds to the impression your garden makes. Increase the value of your property and get a higher price! Do you have any questions now? Then you can contact us at any time.


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