What Hedge Plants Have Thorns?

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Regularly we get from garden lovers the question: what hedge plants have thorns? A hedge with thorns has several advantages. Such a hedge is then not only burglar-resistant, but it can also keep unwanted dogs and cats out of your garden. Especially in regions where there are many roaming cats, this is really handy. Besides, there are now such beautiful hedge plants with thorns for sale that it would be a shame not to think about them to plant in your garden as a new hedge. Therefore, we will gladly tell you what the very most beautiful hedge plants with thorns. And if you want everything to happen much faster right away, you can plant ready-made hedges.

What Hedge Plants Have Thorns?

The potato rose

The potato rose or apple rose is a shrub that can keep intruders and unwanted animals out of your garden. This deciduous hedge plant can also be planted in the garden as a single plant, but it can also make wonderful rose hedges. The potato rose, which has the scientific name Rosa rugosa, gets pink flowers that have quite an intense color and will also attract many butterflies and insects to your garden. After flowering, orange rose hips then appear on the branches, which not only have a magical attraction to birds, but are also edible for us humans. Rosehips are real vitamin C bombs and they are quite excellent for making wonderful, healthy jam.

What Hedge Plants Have Thorns?

Potato rose is best suited for a garden that has an informal, natural or country style. This is mainly due to the fact that the plant loses its leaves in winter. This hedge plant is suitable for forming hedges that can grow up to one and a half meters high, and is best planted in the sun or partial shade. Potato rose can grow well in almost any type of soil. Do you live on the coast with a lot of sea breeze? Even then you can easily plant a wonderful potato rose hedge.

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What Hedge Plants Have Thorns?
Different barberry varieties. Barberry ‘Telstar

Different varieties of barberry

Another hedge plant with thorns is barberry. This evergreen hedge plant is available in five different varieties. Three of these varieties are distinguished by their petite leaves and by their wonderful bright yellow flowers: the barberry ‘Amstelveen’, ‘Telstar’ and the barberry verruculosa. However, it can be a challenge to prune these hedge plants because they have many thorns, but in return they will form beautiful, opaque garden hedges over time. Barberry ‘Telstar’ and Barberry ‘Amstelveen’ are varieties that are very similar in appearance. However, Barberry ‘Telstar’ has a rather coarse growth habit, so it also has a slightly more robust appearance.

Both varieties are good for forming low hedges. However, Berberis verruculosa can form somewhat taller hedges: in fact, the hedge plant can reach a height of 2 meters. In addition, Berberis verruculosa is particularly hardy: it can tolerate temperatures as low as -20 degrees. However, popular hedge plants are also Berberis thunbergii and Berberis ‘Atropurpurea’. These are sometimes called common barberry and red barberry. The common barberry has green leaves and the red variety can be identified by its red leaves. Both barberry varieties are especially good for forming low hedges. In addition, these varieties of barberry are also more often planted under the window to keep away uninvited guests.

What Hedge Plants Have Thorns?
The Firethorn. Firethorn ‘Red Column

The firethorn

When we talk about the different varieties of firethorn, we are always talking about a wonderful hedge plant, which in autumn gets characteristic red or orange berries. These berries are especially popular with birds, which then also like to build their nests in a firethorn. All firethorn varieties get wonderful white flowers during the flowering period, which will turn your garden into a paradise. Firethorn ‘Red Cushion’ can be used just to form a low hedge, which can grow up to 80 centimeters high. These plants can also be used as ground cover. Firethorn ‘Red Column’ can reach a height of up to 1.50 meters, as can firethorn ‘Orange Glow’. All firethorn varieties are intrusion resistant and they can grow well in almost any garden soil.

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What Hedge Plants Have Thorns?

The malleable hawthorn

The common hawthorn, which has the scientific name Crataegus monogyna, is a hedge plant that is often used on farms because cattle almost cannot get through a common hawthorn hedge. For burglars, of course, this is also true. The sharp thorns of this hedge plant are also a hindrance when cutting, unless you wear gloves and protective clothing. Encroaching hawthorn is a hedge plant that looks especially good in large gardens: but you don’t have to live on a farm to use this garden plant. This shrub is also particularly popular because it can grow well in almost any garden soil. In addition, the Eingriffelige hawthorn is well wind resistant. This hedge plant gets white to pink flowers during the flowering period and it has a strong attraction to birds.

What Hedge Plants Have Thorns?

The blackthorn

Blackthorn is also a hedge plant that has sharp thorns. However, this plant is unsuitable to be planted in a garden: in fact, the plant is used mainly as a field border and landscape hedge. In autumn, blackthorn develops blue-black berries on its branches. These berries are edible and are also used for making jams or fruit juices.

So there are plenty of options when it comes to different hedge plant varieties with thorns. Select exactly the hedge plant that will look good in your garden at Heckenpflanzendirekt.de and simply order it online!


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